“Without Hope Harbor, I most likely would not have the relationship that I now have with my family. I would have barely passed my classes, and college would not have been a plan. I would not have grown close to God, and I would be a lot less caring. I now have awesome grades; after my senior year I’m going to college. I get along so much better with my family. Most importantly, through the Home and the wonderful Church family that I now have I have a relationship with God. The staff here at Hope Harbor… are very encouraging.”

“The home has helped me to notice that I don’t have to do any of the stuff that I used to do just to be ‘cool’. It has also helped me and my family to grow closer together as an actual family. The home has taught me that no matter what I do or what I say that God loves me always.”

“When I came home I began to see the help that was given and how bad I wish I still had that help”

“I have been out of the home now for almost two years and I am glad to say I am doing well. Hope Harbor has had an enormous impact on my physical and spiritual life. Thanks to Hope Harbor and all its supporters, I now live a Christian life. The life of which I knew nothing about before I came to the home.”

“Before I came to Hope Harbor I was making D’s and F’s and didn’t really know what was going on. I kind of like it here because of the grades I’m making and how well I’m doing. I haven’t ever really did this good for no reason.”

“Ever since I’ve been here I have learned a little more in two weeks, than I did in one month in public schools. I’ve met good, caring people here…”

“In the last 3-4 weeks I have been able to work independently in school. This allows me to get ahead in school and work at my own pace. At the last grading period, I had A’s and B’s, something that I haven’t had since elementary school.”

“I think the school system is great. I was way behind when I very first got here. Now I’m doing better than I ever have in school. I think this is the best school I’ve ever been in.”

“When I first got here I didn’t like school. I wasn’t outgoing and didn’t care how I was doing. Now….I am outgoing. I love school. I feel good about myself. I’m pleased with my progress and what the teachers have done for me.”

“Before I was at Hope Harbor I got into fights every now and then. I was very argumentative. I didn’t respect adults very much. I have learned to respect adults more and do all my school work. I am making good grades and over all I am doing really good.”

“It helped me to look deep into myself and see what my responsibility was. And that   even if I make a mistake I need not repeat it….No, I have not been in trouble at all; it is wonderful.”

“When I first arrived I thought my life was over. I thought everyone was crazy and that everyone could care less about me….but I am so happy that my parents sent me to such an awesome children’s home. I get the privilege of meeting such wonderful people…”

“The staff at Hope Harbor… are willing to help today’s youth.  There are always new kids coming through with all kinds of needs, and the staff here is always willing to help meet, or try to, the needs of others. The teachers are always ready to help you learn. The counselor plays a real important part in your stay here. They help you understand your problems and help you to understand why you’re here and work with you.”

“From the start everyone has always made me feel welcome and at home. You have all showed me what was missing in my life and have showed me what my life should be like.”

“Your staff is wonderful. Thank you for all your help.”

Our circumstances are “better than we ever thought it could be. Thank you so much!”

“I want to thank you for all that you did to help my son. Here he struggled with basic math and can multiply / divide fractions, etc. He is ¾ through the 8th grade math book! He is already solving equations for ‘x’! The instructor complimented you on the motivation you helped instill in him to excel. He is self-confident and eager to learn. THANK YOU!”