Hope Harbor Children’s Home and Family Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families with struggling teens. We are not an orphanage. We are a reunification facility. Our mission is “To restore hope and equip children and families for lives of meaning and purpose”. When teens graduate from our program, our hope is to have them return to their families with the tools to live as a healthy family unit. 

In 1947, the Children’s Home was established in Tulsa, Oklahoma in order to extend the compassion of and hope in Christ to families whose lives were disrupted by World War II.  That home evolved into the Turley Children’s Home and by 1979, it was decided that an on-site academy was necessary for fulfilling the mission of the Children’s Home. The program, which eventually became Hope Harbor Children’s Home & Family Ministries, represents an innovative, integrative, and holistic approach to our mission. That mission subsequently generated the Philosophy and Statement of Faith by which are based on Biblical principles and are reflected in all aspects of the program including the on-site school academy, family-style residential program, on-site counseling, and off-site counseling and thrift store.

Since its inception in 1947 as the Turley Children’s Home, the mission of Hope Harbor Children’s Home and Family Ministries has evolved, over-time, with the input of staff, board members, clients, and donors, into its current form.  It is considered as a living document, shaped by needs of families, and subject to on-going review and revision.


Solutions Work!

Our core principles of care, however, remain in place and we strive to reach excellence in all these areas. 

Child and Family Centered Care: We are committed to making all decisions and performing all actions with the well-being of children and families as our primary focus. We are the premiere place for family reunification. 

Mutual Accountability: We take personal responsibility as an organization and as individuals for our actions. We hold each other accountable, and we expect to be held accountable at any point throughout the year for our decisions and actions. 

Mutual Respect: While keeping the focus on the needs of children and families, we also commit to demonstrating mutual respect in communication and actions so that a positive environment for everyone is maintained.

Excellence: We are committed to using established best practices, to evaluating effectiveness of our efforts, and to demonstrating a willingness to change current practices at any point based on evidence that change is needed.