Through our Counseling Ministry we provide intervention services to
•   Children
•   Teens
•   Parents
•   Couples
•   Families
For issues such as
•   Anger
•   Stress
•   Grief
•   Trauma
•   Addiction
•   Depression
•   Anxiety
•   Child behavior
•   Couple relationship
•   Spirituality


Prison Ministry Parent Training
As many as two million children in the U.S. have one or more parents in prison or jail.  Studies show as many as 70 percent of these child will fall into the same pattern and end up in prison at some point in their own lives.

Researchers have estimated at least 4,500 children under 18 in Oklahoma have a mother in prison. The state doesn’t keep track of the numbers of children whose parents are incarcerated, but tough sentencing laws have contributed to an Oklahoma incarceration rate that is No. 4 in the nation and No. 1 for women.

Bill Hamrick served for fifteen years as Executive Director of Turley Children’s Home (now Hope Harbor), and then as Church Relations Director.  Bill began regular work in Tulsa County prison systems in 2007, and now teaches three classes weekly at David L. Moss Center (Tulsa County Jail), and weekly at Dick Conner Correctional Center in Hominy. His material includes the Faith & Character program in the Medium Security Unit and classes in the Minimum Security Unit. Bill teaches over two-hundred and fifty New Life Behavior correspondence students in 14 Department of Corrections facilities across Oklahoma.

To contact Bill regarding parent training classes in prison settings, you can call
​(918) 630-8465 or e-mail

Our primary training focus is parent education. All of our workshops utilize evidenced-based, interactive, multimedia materials that address common parenting challenges and solutions, such as handling power struggles, providing discipline, instilling character in children, and enhancing the parent-child relationship. Participants gain new knowledge and skills and hope.

Through our Training Ministry we provide prevention services to

•   Adolescent groups
•   Adult groups
For areas such as
•   Peer relationships
•   Parent education
•   Marriage preparation and enrichment
•   Financial planning
•   Spiritual formation

Please check our Events/News page or our Facebook page for announcements about upcoming training opportunities.


Hope Harbor Children’s Home
Located outside of Claremore, Oklahoma, the Children’s Home provides new hope for at-risk teens and their families.  With both boys’ and girls’ cottages, the Home provides a family-style environment for young people whose individual or family lives have reached a point where serious help is needed.  Residents of the Children’s Home work through a Character Growth model individualized to their own needs and situations, while receiving counseling from Hope Harbor’s on-site therapist and attending Hope Harbor Academy.  Family counseling, parent training, and family support are provided as residents work toward being able to return to a strengthened and stable home environment.  While Hope Harbor does charge a fee to help off-set the costs of its residential program, no one is ever denied care based on financial resources and ability to pay.

Hope Harbor Academy
Young people who come to Hope Harbor are often years behind academically.  Certified teachers at Hope Harbor’s on-site Academy work with each student to improve their study and academic skills.  When students first enter the program, they are assessed to determine reading and math skills as well as mastery of grade level core content.  In providing individualized instruction, teachers allow students to progress at their own pace while re-teaching core content they have missed.