How can you help?

Thrift Harbor – volunteers are needed with store operations as well as collection services. Contact Thrift Harbor.

Campus Maintenance – volunteers are needed for various on campus and off campus repairs and general maintenance. Contact Chris Brill.

Office – volunteers are needed for various office duties, such as, shredding and direct -mail assistance. Contact Linda Gary.

Academy – volunteers are needed for supervision, aiding and specified educational opportunities (guest speaker). Contact Carol Case.

Resident Interaction – is occasional supervision, special activities, and mentoring. Contact Jennifer Bristow.

Foster Parenting – is needed when we have a child who graduates our program but does not have family to go to. Financial support is provided per child as well as medical support. To learn more contact Jennifer Bristow.

Phone Campaign – is an economical and personal way to connect with our donors. It takes about 100 volunteers to make a successful phone campaign. Contact Chris Brill.

L.I.G.H.T.S. – (Ladies Imitating God’s Heart Through Service), is a group of women who have organized and are participating in service projects to benefit Hope Harbor. Interested in volunteering or leading this cause? Contact Jennifer Bristow.