Children entering the foster care system have many times been exposed to domestic violence, substance abuse..and worse, by their parents and guardians. They often are the victims of neglect, emotional maltreatment, physical and sexual abuse. Also, they have been moved around frequently from their biological parents and within the foster care system. Without stability, they often experience social, emotional, developmental, and academic delays. Our program is designed to help them successfully overcome these challenges.

With so many deficits, it is difficult for foster parents to connect the children to all of the services they require to catch up to their same age peers. Due to the extensive time, money, effort and energy it takes to meet these special needs, many foster parents "burn out", resulting in another move for the child in a potentially long history of instability. Each move further decreases the child's chances to break the cycle of abuse and neglect. 
Additionally, we provide all of our foster parents weekly consultation services with a counselor, specializing in nurturing children who have trauma issues. The foster parents offer each other daily support, respite and even help co-parent children in the community.