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Animal-Assisted Therapy!

Meet our therapy dog, Josh!

Across the decades, Hope Harbor has maintained a commitment to providing high quality, on-site counseling to our residents and their families through the services of a full-time, dedicated mental health professionals. This has included a programmatic commitment to trauma-informed care and the intentional creation of a therapeutic environment across all settings over the past decade.

House parents and classroom staff receive mental health support and consultation to address cottage and classroom needs, with 24/7 access to on-call staff. Residents’ families also have access to clinical staff for consultation and problem-solving for home and family-related challenges. Hope Harbor is committed to creating lasting change for our residents, which involves directly addressing the challenges which resulted in placement, including the effects of exposure to potentially traumatic events, grief and loss, damaged family relationships, and improved decision-making skills.  To that end, residents are provided with individual, group and family counseling on a regular basis. Prior to graduation, residents work through personal goals which directly address the issues leading to placement as well as any new areas of concern. Families are offered multidisciplinary parent workshops each month addressing topics such as safety, parenting, education and mental health concerns.