Hope Harbor Children's Home

We accept children or youth who :

1. Are between the ages 9-17

2. Who can meet the behavioral expectations of a mixed gender group home setting.

3. Who are NOT harmful to self or others

4. Who do NOT require residential substance abuse treatment

5. Who are NOT involved in juvenile justice for violent crimes

6. Who have no or mild disabilities that do not require significant special education supports.

7. Who have no or mild mental health disorders which respond positively to medication and/ or cognitive behavioral interventions and supports.

8. Who have a primary caregiver who can continue to make decisions and participate in family re-unification efforts OR desginated advocate for decision making and assistance with permanency planning.

To Make a Referral:
Call (918) 343-0003, ext. 224;

OR click here to submit an online screening form.
If long distance, dial toll-free 1-877-918-HOPE, ext. 224.

Located outside of Claremore, Oklahoma, the Children’s Home provides new hope for at-risk teens and their families.  With both boys’ and girls’ cottages, the Home provides a family-style environment for young people whose individual or family lives have reached a point where serious help is needed.  Residents of the Children’s Home work through a Character Growth model individualized to their own needs and situations, while receiving counseling from Hope Harbor’s on-site therapist and attending Hope Harbor Academy.  Family counseling, parent training, and family support are provided as residents work toward being able to return to a strengthened and stable home environment.  While Hope Harbor does charge a fee to help off-set the costs of its residential program, no one is ever denied care based on financial resources and ability to pay.