Increase Our Endowment Fund: $200,000

The total cost for addressing these various needs is estimated at $1.1 million.  Our plan is to raise this amount with a specifically conducted capital and endowment campaign in which churches, individuals, foundations, and businesses will be asked to prayerfully consider special gifts – over and above their current gifts to Hope Harbor – in support of these special projects and needs.

Gifts to the campaign can be made in a number of ways:

 •    Pledges over a three-year period will be encouraged and are essential to meeting our needs since it will be impractical, if not  impossible, to reach a goal of this magnitude with one time out-of-pocket gifts.  

•    Non-cash gifts such as securities, real estate and personal property will also be solicited and encouraged as will deferred gifts such as life     
    insurance policies, gifts in trust, bequests, and gifts through one’s estate.  Naming  opportunities will also be available.

Costs and Campaign

Executive Staff

Bob Whiddon, Jr. (Executive Director)
Chris Brill (Assistant Director)
Jennifer Bristow (Clinical Director)
Kay Dalton (Education Director) 

We believe we have been called by God to serve the hurting children and families of Oklahoma and the surrounding states as we Restore Hope, Transform Lives and Reconcile Families in the name of Jesus. We offer a program of unparalleled quality which meets the physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual needs of hurting children and their families. Through the generous prayerful volunteer and financial support of many – and the extraordinary support of a few –
​we believe we can succeed in our task.  As a result, we are confident of our continued growth as a community. Thank you, in advance,  for your support.

Board of Directors

Harold Phillips (President)
Sharon Milligan (Secretary)
Keith Stumpff
Ron Pitts
Tim Luster
Lawson Vaughn
Jeffery Romines
Keith Hall
Randall Rhodes

In this day and age, security is paramount. The provision of a safe environment is foundational to the work we do with our children and their families.  We are
always diligent to create safety by decreasing threats, safeguarding privacy for our children, and discouraging intruders from targeting our homes, our children,
and our campus. Perimeter fencing and large trees to outline our campus will help deter intruders. We need a safe place of healing for our children and their families.

Mike & Narissa Rampey

Over the years it has become apparent that for a non-profit to survive, it needs a more reliable and stable funding stream. An endowment fund is established to invest funds which will grow over time to help secure the future of the organization.  The non-profit will then use a small percentage of this fund, usually 4% annually, to help cover some operational expenses. As we prepare Hope Harbor to continue serving future generations, we understand that a major investment needs to be made in growing our endowment. We must grow the endowment fund to ensure that Hope Harbor can continue to Restore Hope, Transform Lives and Reconcile Families for another 70 years and many more to come!



The Master Plan on pages 14 and 15 of this booklet shows our plans for fencing on the west and south sides of our campus. Gates will be constructed at each of the three entrances to Hope Harbor. In addition, we want to plant up to 50 trees that will grow and visibly outline our beautiful campus, with a donation of only $2,000, a permanent plaque will be installed next to the tree to designate the person or family who donated funds for that tree.

When volunteer groups come to campus, we do not have housing available for them, so our guests and volunteers are forced to sleep on the gym floor or pay for housing in town. Also, for children who have graduated our residential program but are near to high school graduation, we need to provide a place for those children to finish their education at our accredited on-site Academy. This will be of great value in our service to children and families.

The Need to Grow Our Endowment for the Future


Why are we launching a capital campaign for Hope Harbor? First, let me tell you what I have found out about Hope Harbor.

I have served in the capacity of Executive Director for a little over a year now. I have been impressed at how solid and stable this organization has become. We are strong, fiscally sound, and very good at what we do—reconciling families! We are almost always at capacity for the number of children we can house and serve on this campus. We consistently have a waiting list, and are averaging 55 calls a month from families interested in bringing their child to Hope Harbor. So I know that if we have more room, more cottages, we would be able to fill them with no problem.

But this is more than a “If you build it, they will come” philosophy. We have spent much time developing a five-year strategic plan. We have crunched the numbers and found that, if all goes as planned, we can have over 100 children AND THEIR FAMILIES that will be part of the program of Hope Harbor within five years. With much discussion and prayer, our Board of Directors  gave us the “go ahead” to launch the campaign. In fact, just within our Board we have already received pledges for over 25% of the total needed for Phase I of this campaign.

In this first phase we want to raise $1,100,000 to build two new cottages (to double our capacity for children), remodel our oldest cottage, and install perimeter fencing and trees to beautify our campus. We will also use part of these funds to add to our endowment—to ensure the future of Hope Harbor.

This is the right time for a capital campaign. Hope Harbor needs your prayers and support. Please
pay special attention to the inside pages of this program to see where you might fit. What giving level would be right for you? Any gift, great or small, will
be appreciated.

May God always bless you in all that you do. And, may God always bless Hope Harbor as a ministry of His for years to come.

Jessica Skidmore


“My life has been changed by Hope Harbor and everyone there. I don’t think I would have accomplished all I have in my life if I had not spent time at Hope Harbor. I have now graduated from high school and VoTech. I also have my CNA license and plan to earn my RN. My relationships  with my family and friends are much healthier and I feel  like I am in a good place. Thank you for all you have done for me.”  

-Catherine Bunten, 2015 graduate

The Need for a Place to House Guests or Young Adults

Serving children is at the core of who we are. We provide a safe, immersive, trauma responsive environment for hurting children who are in need of reconciliation with their families. Because of the need to serve more residents, two new cottages will be built so that we can serve a total of 24 children.
Each cottage will house 6 children, plus a small apartment for the house parents.   

This will allow Hope Harbor to serve more children and their families. Hope Harbor will become a true leader in child and family care. It is our responsibility as Christians to provide a safe environment as we care for children and nurture the families in our care.  

Install Tree-Lined Perimeter fencing around Campus: $100,000

To address these needs, Hope Harbor has put together an exciting plan which will help position us to serve
​children and families for the next seven decades and beyond. We desire to:
•    Increase capacity, to serve more children and their families.
•    Increase the endowment fund.
•    Increase safety by installing a tree-lined fence.
•    Remodel and renovate Tucker Cottage into two apartments for hospitality and/or transitional living purposes. 

Remodel and Renovate Tucker Cottage into Two Apartments: $100,000

Build Two New Cottages to Allow Us to Serve More Children and Families: $700,000

Our oldest home, Tucker Cottage, will be remodeled into apartments. The design of Tucker Cottage gives us the option to have two apartments,  and we would like to take full advantage of this opportunity. New kitchens, living space, bathrooms, and bedrooms will bring new life to an older structure. The current floor plan makes it possible to easily renovate and divide the living spaces.  

Possible uses of the apartments include:

•     Hospitality areas for our children’s families who come to visit, receive counseling, and spend the night.
•    When volunteers come to our campus, apartments would provide us with the opportunity to host them on campus, rather than relegating our guests to
    the gym floor or forcing them to pay for accommodations in town. 
•     These apartments could also be used for children who have graduated our residential program and are near to  high school graduation, allowing them  to complete their education at our accredited on-site Academy. 

Bob & Debbie Whiddon

Every day, we receive calls about children and families needing help- searching for hope and solutions, in need of reconciliation.  We are often the last chance for our children and families before adulthood, offering an opportunity to rebuild academic deficits, repair damaged relationships, and address past traumatic events and current challenges. We often have children on our waiting list, with the wait at times exceeding a year. 

We have an outstanding trauma responsive program that can actually help children and their families, and our graduates are incredibly successful. But we cannot physically offer a place to every child and family who needs us. It is difficult for us to turn away hurting children and their families, because we don’t have enough beds on our campus. There is no other program in the state as comprehensive and individualized at our level of care, and the families we are unable to help are often left without other options. 

Consider these realities: 
•    Many of Oklahoma’s group homes have closed, leaving increasingly fewer options for families in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. 
•    We currently have only two primary cottages, Mabee and Chapman, with a maximum capacity of 12 children.  
•     Tucker Cottage, our relief and oldest cottage is aging and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as a safe environment for children.

Board of Trustees 
Elders of the Blue Starr Church of Christ

Jim Dalton
Dave Lehman
Paul Nusbaum
Foy O’Neal​

Hope Harbor Children’s Home and Family Ministries is a leading non-profit serving children and families since 1947.  Formerly Turley Children’s Home, Hope Harbor continues to Restore Hope, Transform Lives and Reconcile Families.  

In 1996, the campus was moved to the present location outside of Claremore with a total of three cottages: Tucker Cottage, Mabee Cottage, Chapman Cottage. 
Years later, a $2 million learning center was constructed to house administrative offices, a large classroom, a  gymnasium, and a commercial kitchen. In 2010,
we partnered with the Glenpool Church of Christ in a prison ministry  under the direction of Bill Hamrick, former executive director. Also in 2010, the first thrift store was opened to support our programs and provide affordable clothing and home goods to the community in Claremore, Oklahoma. 

Through the generosity of our churches and individual supporters in recent
​years we have:
•   Consistently operated in the black.
•   Clarified our mission. Rebranded with a new logo and marketing campaign. 
•   Performed vital updates to our physical campus including new roofs, foundation      
       repairs, kitchen remodels and resurfacing our roads. 
•    Improved our campus with the addition of an 18-hole disc golf course.
•    Opened new thrift stores in Bartlesville, OK and Rogers, AR.
•   Enhanced our commitment to trauma responsive services through systematic      
​      training and education for our staff.

We are grateful to our supporters who have made our work and continued improvements possible over the past 70 years. And while facilities and faces have changed, one thing remains the same: Our commitment to Christ, and our passion for serving children and families.

Today, we remain focused on our vision serving hurting children and their families for many generations yet to come.



“I want to take the time to let you know how much Hope Harbor means to me. Yes, I am a mess and yes I do stupid things but the point is I know the staff at Hope Harbor is always there for me. You didn’t give up on me and I love you all for that. I aspire to be like my house parents, strong in their faith and encouraging. There is not enough paper to write all the great things about this place. Thank you for all the great things you have done in my life.”

-Haley Phillips, 2014 graduate

Foundation Board

Roger Prock (President)
Paul Nusbaum (Vice President)
Jeff Fowler (Secretary)
Paul Rowlett (Treasurer)
Bill Johnson
Keith Ward​

The Need to Serve More Children

The Need to Increase Security

Bill & Lou


& Shirley



Having a strong endowment will create a stable income for Hope Harbor throughout the year. Currently, Hope Harbor has an endowment fund from which we receive a 4% annual payout. Our goal is to intentionally grow our endowment to secure the future of Hope Harbor.  

Keith & Ruth